World Test Championship Betting

World Test Championship Intro

The World Test Championship involves the leading nations around the world competing against each other at Test Match level. When these Test Series’ take place, then they form part of the overall World Test Championship which is run over a two-year period.

For example, it might be that the Ashes Series between England and Australia is effectively the fixture between these two sides, while the same applies to other Test nations, with the leading two teams then going through to play in a one-off final which is arranged according to their schedule.

All of the top Test Match nations are involved when it comes to this competition, with matches scheduled throughout the year involving Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies.

How to Bet on the World Test Championship

Betting on the World Test Championship is effectively the same as betting on the outcome of Test Matches. Therefore, you can bet on which team will win each individual match and each encounter can span five days before a winner is determined.

You can bet on several markets within a Test Match taking place. There are In-Play markets available for matches involving the likes of India, Pakistan and New Zealand which means that you can bet on every over that takes place, while markets such as Winner are still available.

Before the World Test Championship begins each time, there might be the opportunity to bet on the winner although Test Match betting is clearly more captivating rather than punting on a long-term market. 

World Test Championship Match Betting

There is a three-way match winner betting market which is available before a ball is bowled and then available In-Play until the final ball has been bowled. You can also bet on a team on a two-way Draw No bet market if you prefer.

When it comes to each batsman at the crease, you are able to bet on them scoring Over or Under a certain number of runs. There might also be the chance to wager on a batter scoring a half century or even a century as part of the overall innings.

Before the match starts, you are able to bet on markets such as Top Batsman and Top Bowler when it comes to each team, while similar markets are available when it comes to the overall match.

In-Play betting can be really granular and it literally means that you can wager on the outcome of every ball. This might be backing whether it’s scored for a number of runs, whether the over is a maiden or whether a wicket will be taken within that over.

There is often the chance to get Cash Out on a certain cricket bet and you should visit the top cricket betting sites to see the range of markets available for the Test Matches. There are always Test Matches comprising the World Test Championship where punters can enjoy the various betting markets.

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