IPL Betting Guide

The Indian Premier League (IPL), a truly global phenomenon in the cricketing world, has not only revolutionised the sport but also created a massive betting extravaganza. IPL betting goes hand in hand with the cricketing tournament, with millions of Indian bettors placing IPL bets from the first game, right through to the final. While the thrill of predicting outcomes adds an extra layer of excitement to the matches, the realm of IPL online betting is not without its complexities and challenges.

Why is IPL betting so popular?

IPL betting has grown with the popularity of the tournament and this is largely because the biggest stars in cricket are all playing together in one place. To place an IPL bet on Ben Stokes to score a hundred or Umran Malik to get 5 wickets in his next match is to add an extra layer of excitement to the tournament. There is nothing like the Indian Premier League in World Cricket and that is why so much IPL betting in India takes place and also around the world.

How to bet on the IPL in 2024

Online cricket betting is when a person tries to predict the future outcome of a particular cricketing event, match, or in-play moment. Therefore, it is possible to place a bet on the IPL tournament as a whole, a match within the tournament or a moment within a match in the IPL. In order to bet in IPL, you firstly have to pick which betting site you would like to bet with. When choosing which betting site to use it is important to consider what offers that betting site will offer. 

Check out our betting tips for up to date IPL betting tips as the tournament unfolds

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How to bet on IPL step by step

Do you want to bet IPL? Well, it may surprise you that it is a lot easier than you think.

This is how to bet on IPL. You will need the following:

  • A mobile phone or laptop
  • The means to fund a betting account
  • An account with a top IPL betting site
  • To be the legal age to gamble, typically 18+

There are a few other things to consider, like having relevant ID to open a betting account and also funds to make a deposit. However, if you have the basics then getting your first IPL bet on is actually not that hard.

watching live cricket on a IPL betting app

How to bet on IPL: Getting online

So, as previously mentioned, how to bet on the IPL requires a mobile phone or laptop. Why? You may ask.

The reason you need a mobile phone or laptop to bet on IPL is that online betting sites are the simplest and easiest ways how you bet on IPL. You access the betting website or IPL betting app through your internet-connected device to create an account.

How to bet on IPL: Registering a betting account

Once you have found an online IPL betting site you like then you will need to register an account. You will need to be the legal age to gamble and you will also be asked to provide some identification. Photo ID from a government agency is typically requested from any IPL betting site.

Make sure you feel comfortable sharing your information with the betting site before handing it over. Cricket Bet India only recommends online betting sites for the IPL that are reputable and that our team would bet money with. It is important you feel safe when betting online, whether it be IPL bets or any other type of bets.

How to bet on IPL: Depositing at an IPL betting site

Depositing with a betting site before your IPL bet is possibly one of the more anxious parts of the process. Questions may run through your mind before you deposit like: Will they look after my money? Will they pay me if I win? We recommend you read our betting site reviews to get expert opinions before depositing.

somone's finger on a smartphone which is displaying a betting app

There are typically a variety of options available for depositing before placing an IPL bet. Some online betting sites and betting apps offer a wider selection than others. If like many India bettors you want to bet IPL using your preferred currency then you can read our guide to betting with Rupees.

IPL bet with PAYTM

A large number of online IPL betting websites offer PayTM as a deposit and withdrawal method. Due to its popularity in India, you will find many places to bet on IPL that will allow you to use PayTM. Typically there is a minimum and maximum deposit amount you can make each day, this is fairly standard across most IPL betting apps and sites.

IPL bet with Astropay

Astropay is another popular payment method in India and you will be pleased to know that a wide selection of IPL betting sites offer it as a deposit and withdrawal method. You will normally find Atropay, along with a selection of other payment methods in the cashier section of most IPL online betting sites.  Find Astropay online betting sites.

IPL bet with Cryptocurrency

The popularity of cryptocurrencies for online IPL bets has taken off in a big way in the past few years. Many online IPL betting apps offer a range of crypto deposit and withdrawal options. Popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and normally available, less so for the more obscure or not-so-well-known.

Just as with PayATM and Astropay, you can find crypto deposit options in the cashier section typically. If you can find this then just look for a big button that says ‘deposit here’, there is almost always one of these in any IPL online betting app or site. Check out our picks for Crypto online betting sites.

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Understanding IPL Betting

Before betting on the IPL, it is important to have a good level of knowledge about cricket, including knowledge about basic cricket rules, the twenty over format and so on. To help yourself further not only do you want to have knowledge about cricket itself but ideally you want to have some background knowledge about the teams and players participating in the IPL to hopefully make your betting experience more successful.

Gaining knowledge of IPL cricket betting

Now that you know you are betting on the IPL and have a sufficient basic knowledge about cricket and the IPL, you then choose what type of bet you want to make. For example, on an individual match (like Chennai Super Kings versus Mumbai Indians), an in-play bet or a bet on the tournament as a whole. It is then important to review the available bets and betting odds between different betting sites to make sure you are getting the best offer for the bet that you want to make. 

Once you have decided which betting sites has the best offers in terms of available bets and best odds you then place a deposit down with the betting site you have chosen.

Cricket bat resting on a cricket helmet with cricket gloves nearby. All on a cricket field

Placing IPL bets

Now that you have money on the betting site, you then choose which particular bet or bets you want to place and how much money out of your deposit you want to put on your bet. Once you have finalised this then it is time to place your bet and keep up to date with what is happening in the sporting event, to see whether you win or not!Cricket betting offers

Which IPL Bet to make?

Most of the best online betting sites in India will make sure that the Indian Premier League is well catered for on their betting website. You can expect to be able to place an IPL bet on a huge range of betting markets. There is IPL match betting, IPL Live betting (In-play), IPL online betting, and many more IPL betting options. Day and night, whilst the Indian Premier League is being played, betting sites will be compiling IPL betting odds for bettors to stake their bets on.

Placing an IPL bet is not complicated

IPL betting is straightforward once you have selected an online IPL betting site that you like. Once you have registered and have made your first deposit you can start placing real money bets on the IPL. You don’t just bet on IPL winners, although that outright market is very popular, you can bet on a huge variety of options that bookmakers have created IPL betting odds for.

IPL Betting Outrights: Tournament winners 

Outright markets are usually the first market accessible and simplest form of betting for betting fans for the IPL. The outright market for the IPL is about betting on who you believe the winner of the tournament will be. Betting fans will also be given the option to cash out on these bets during the tournament.

Don’t forget to check out our IPL betting tips page for expert analysis of our Outright winner predictions and many more value IPL bets.

IPL Cricket Trophy

Multiple winners will be well backed

Good favourites tend to be those who have previously won the tournament multiple times, e.g., Mumbai Indians (5-time winners) and Chennai Super Kings (5-time winners) as they have previous experiences of winning the tournament. Both these teams will be up there as one of the favourites again for the upcoming 2024 tournament. 

Other outright markets

Other possible favourites could be those who are thought to have the best players or coaches in the tournament such as Virat Kohli and Royal Challengers Bangalore or Ricky Ponting as coach of Delhi Capitals. Possible tournament favourites could also include teams who have been perceived to have had a good player auction in buying talented, young local Indian players or brilliant, experienced overseas players. 

Look for value in pre-tournament outsiders

Previous favourites have tended to win the tournament such as Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, but Royal Challengers Bangalore have also previously been pre-tournament favourites and have failed to ever win the IPL. However, pre-tournament outsiders such as Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad have also gone on to win the tournament. Nonetheless, as previously proven pre-tournament favourites historically do win the tournament.

IPL Matches 

Match betting in cricket involves betting on the result of individual matches within a series or a tournament. In relationship to the IPL this would involve betting on matches within the tournament and therefore betting on the result of the match between the two teams playing, for example, in the IPL, betting on the result of a match between the Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals.

Matches always have a winner

In the IPL there will always be a winner because of the use of a ‘Super Over’ when the scores are tied and the end of the second innings. Thus, betting options for match results will only include only a “to win” option. Betting fans will also be given the option to cash out on match bets during the game.

Big rivalries

There are some big rivalries in the IPL that make the match betting market in the IPL very interesting. The rivalries stem from the popularity, location, and previous success that the teams have had. For example, one popular rivalry includes the two teams who have had historically the most success in the IPL, Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians.

Secondly what’s known as the South Indian derby is the Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore as the two cities are the biggest in the south of India.

Chennai Super Kings

Small decisions affect outcomes

Furthermore, match betting can also focus on individual performances, for example, betting on who will be the player of the match or who will be the highest run scorer or wicket taker of the match. Match betting can also include the pre match coin toss to see who will bat or bowl first. The captains will toss a coin to decide who will bat and who will bowl and in match betting you are able to place a bet on which team will win the toss.

Player Betting IPL

Cricket is about taking wickets and making runs, so betting markets offer bets on how many runs a batsmen may make or how many wickets a bowler may take. The IPL is no different, for batsmen and for bowlers offers are made for each player in each innings of a match for who might make the most runs or take the most wickets from each team. Options are also offered for doubles, where one can bet on who will be the top run scorer/top wicket taker for each side in an innings.

Spinners have historically done well in IPL

The first tie-break for top wicket taker is the number of runs also conceded by the bowlers in question. This tends to be a popular by volatile market as perceived weaker bowlers are more frequently taken on by batsmen and are therefore more likely to take risks and get out. Spinners, in particular, have historically done very well in T20 cricket and, more specifically, in the IPL. 

cricket bat and ball

Milestone IPL bets

Bookies also provide punters with options to bet on whether a batsmen or bowler will reach a certain milestone. For players earning runs in a match, a punter can place a bet on any player from either side to score more than fifty runs or more than one hundred runs.

Whilst for bowlers taking wickets, a bet can be placed on bowlers from either side to take three or more and five or more wickets in a match. However, due to the limited amount of overs in a T20 match a player to score a hundred or take five wickets is much rarer, so odds are typically longer.

Over/under on milestone IPL bets

Player bets also provides different options other than just milestones for batsmen and bowlers when IPL online betting. For batsmen, punters are able to bet on over/under options for a certain number of runs for a batsman to score and the number of fours or sixes they may hit when a batsmen would be currently batting. For the previously mentioned player bets punters will be given cash out options however this may not be as likely for live IPL betting.

Team Betting IPL

Similar to individual player betting, there are also team bets. This is more typical for a team’s batting innings. Like individual play scores, betting sites also provide options for a team to score over or under a certain number of runs during their batting innings. There is also an in-play option to continue betting on the team score throughout a batting innings. Team scores tend to heavily depend on the pitch so it is worth looking at previous scores at the ground to see what a good ‘par’ total might be.

Punters are also given the option to bet on whether they think a team will score more or less than a certain number of fours, sixes or total boundaries during a team’s batting innings. This is particularly relevant to T20 cricket and the IPL as the frequency of boundaries drastically increases due to small number of overs in an innings. It is also important to consider the ground the teams a playing at depending on if they have long or short boundaries.

IPL Betting Specials

Bookies also offer ‘special markets’ whereby they provide punters with interesting and potentially different bets to the previously mentioned. These are usually random outside bets that typically have longer odds and are often labelled as ‘specials’. Some of the IPL betting apps have app-specific betting deals, so keep an eye out for those if you use the bookmaker’s betting app.

Cricketer on the field in batting position

IPL bet specials can be fun

Special market bets could typically include unusual bets. For example, special bets may include someone taking a hattrick, for there to be a ‘Super Over’, (where both teams scores are level) or possibly a wicketkeeper to take a catch in each innings. 

Special markets can also include various combinations of bets such as one player to make thirty or more runs, another player to take three or more wickets, and a third different player to take two catches and these bets are packaged together to make a ‘special’ which would typically have longer odds.

Live IPL betting

One of the most popular IPL bets to place is an in-play or Live IPL bet during tournament play. The fast and frantic nature of the IPL makes it a very enticing Live betting opportunity. Several of the best IPL betting sites offer a huge range of Live IPL betting options for India bettors, including the next wicket, the next player to make a catch, and how many runs in an over.

If you can think of it then there are more than likely IPL betting odds being offered in-play. The fast and frenetic nature of the globes most popular Twenty20 tournament means Live betting markets contain a lot of volatility. Margins of victory can be turned on their head in a matter of balls or wickets.  

Live IPL betting on players

Live IPL betting on players is also offered by betting sites. Top bowler markets are normally closed when the match starts, but top batting markets remain open. Within in play betting markets you are also able to place bets on options such as which of the two batsmen who are currently batting you believe will be out next and also by mode of which dismissal you think a batsman who is currently batting would be out. Also, in terms of the bowling this could include an over/under options for how many runs they might concede in an over.

Finding Live IPL betting sites

Not all online betting sites in India offer IPL live betting so it is good to check before you register a betting account. Live betting IPL sites tend to be more established bookmakers that have enough odds compliers to cope with the frequently changing IPL betting odds. You may also notice that some online IPL betting apps have a different range of Live IPL bets available. If you enjoy Live betting on IPL then you may decide to get two or more betting accounts with different online IPL betting sites so that you cover the various bets on offer

IPL Live betting pitfalls

IPL Live betting is risky and you can lose money very quickly if you are not careful. If you are betting on Live IPL outcomes in a short space of time then you can very quickly burn through your betting balance.

Make sure you are not betting using impulse or chasing losses when IPL Live betting. This only ends one way: badly. Far better to know the bets you want to place in play and under what conditions. Start slowly and build up over a period of weeks and months. Do not rush into live betting IPL, otherwise you will not get out of it what you put in.

Rabona betting account screen

IPL Online betting

IPL online betting has grown immensely since this hugely popular India Twenty20 cricket tournament burst onto the scene in 2008. Every year more and more Indian bettors have downloaded IPL betting apps or joined betting sites and placed bets on this cricketing centrepiece. The best players, the most dramatic of results, the IPL presents a betting experience that is hard to match. Many IPL online bets are placed well before a single ball is bowled, such is the anticipation for this cricket tournament.

The early days of IPL online betting

Back in 2008, when the first tournament was being played, many bookmakers did not have IPL online betting sites or betting apps. So all betting was done through bookmakers. There was not a wide selection of options you get today for online betting on IPL. There were a few early adopters, but many of the betting brands we know today did not existMobile phones make IPL online betting take off.

The advent of mobile IPL online betting

As 2013 rolled around, bettors were starting to see betting sites pop up on their phones, either through the browser or in an app. This led to the rapid rise of IPL online satta and broke the ground for the rapid rise in Live IPL betting. By 2016 Live Betting on IPL matches was into full swing with several online IPL betting sites offering a wide range of markets in play.

Leap forward to the modern day and you will be hard-pressed to find a reputable IPL online betting platform that doesn’t have live markets. So the revolution was fast and driven by technology. Most of the population of India now has access to a smartphone, so IPL betting online in India is not difficult by any means.

Screen of a mobile betting app on a smart phone

Online betting in IPL – integrity matters

Questions have been raised about online betting in IPL and whether the tournament is safe from harm caused by match-fixing and criminal activity. Fortunately, the players who take part are normally very well paid which we hope reduces the chance of them being drawn into considering any sort of unsporting behaviour. There have been players through the years who have been caught IPL betting online, but many of the stories are kept quiet to protect the league and keep the money rolling in.

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