How to Bet on Cricket

Cricket is undoubtedly the number one sport in India, with an estimated 93% of all sports viewers tuning in to watch this type of content every single year. Indians can also access a wide range of international sportsbooks to bet on cricket as the action unfolds, with a host of standard and in-play markets available across T20, one-day and test match formats.

But how should you look to build your betslips and optimise the return on your bankroll? Here’s a brief guide to help get you started:

1. Identify Value in Odds

As we’ve already said, online sportsbooks offer access to an array of different betting markets, and in this respect, it can be hard to identify odds that offer good value and simultaneously enable you to manage your bankroll to bet on cricket.

So, it’s initially important that you create a viable cricket betting strategy that achieves these two objectives; firstly by using independent sites that compare the best real-time odds and collate information relating to the average return-to-player (RTP) rate across different sites.

You’ll also have to then review the odds relating to specific selections in further detail, before setting your stake according to your probability of winning and any potential return.

2. Target Specific Markets Based on Your Knowledge

Cricket is a globally-popular game, with matches taking place all-year round. At the same time, some operators offer more than 60-play markets during the course of a specific cricket match, so it can be hard to wager strategically and responsibly online.

You can negate this issue by targeting key markets based on your knowledge or experience, whether this pertains to your favourite teams, players or appreciation of the rules that govern specific cricket formats.

For example, you may initially choose to focus primarily on domestic level cricket and high-profile tournaments such as the IPL, as limits the required scope of knowledge and also enables you to learn from extensive press coverage.

3. Use Other Resources to make Informed Bets

This type of press coverage can provide a number of detailed insights, each of which can inform your betting selections and incrementally improve your chances of winning.

Real-time reporting will keep you abreast of any injuries, for example, which lets you know whether any key players are likely to be absent. There are also plenty of cricket blogs that cover the sport in depth and details everything from team and player form to tactics and starting line-ups, which in turn makes it easier to bet on cricket.

Don’t be afraid to follow selected tipsters and pundits on social media either, as this may provide information that cannot be found elsewhere.

4. Do Detailed Research on Venue and Pitch

Before placing bets on a particular cricket match, make sure that you study the venue and the pitch type well enough. Look at the results and data from past matches to get an idea about how the pitch behaves, whether it aids the bowlers or the batsmen. If it assists the bowlers, which type – spinner or pacer — has been the most successful. If it aids batsmen, make sure that you place bets on the top-order batsmen. Studying the playing conditions is very important in cricket as it helps in cutting down the risk factor a lot.

5. Study Match-Ups between different players

Along with the playing conditions, it is also important to account for the match-ups between players. Look at the past record for Head to Head numbers between the major batsmen and bowlers from the two sides. If any particular bowler has had the upper hand over another batsman in recent matches, avoid placing bets on those batters. Similarly, place bets on those batsmen who has scored runs consistently against the same or similar opposition in the previous matches.

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