Cricket Betting A-Z Glossary

We have created this handy cricket betting glossary so that you can understand all the key betting terms when it comes to wagering on cricket. It’s important to know all the phrases and betting jargon in order to place informed bets.


You can sometimes place a cricket accumulator bet. This is where a customer chooses more than one selection and puts them in a cricket betting multiple. The odds combine together for a bigger payout.


Antepost betting is where you are betting on an outright market ahead of a tournament starting. For example, you might bet on a team to win the World Cup or a batsman to score the most runs.


This is the act of staking money on a particular selection with a bookmaker. You choose the odds that you like and then the amount you want to stake.


A bookie is a term for a bookmaker and in our case is effectively an online betting site which is licensed to accept bets from registered customers. The term bookie and bookmaker comes from the original concept of keeping a book of bets around a live event.


A bookmaker is another term for a gambling company, on this site we use the term to reference an online betting site. There are many cricket bookmakers who accept bets from Indian customers and they’re featured at CricketBetIndia.com.

Cash Out

There are many cricket betting markets where you can enjoy Cash Out on your bets. After placing the bet, there will be a Cash Out amount and this value can rise or fall in accordance with the probability of your bet winning.

Decimal Odds

Cricket betting odds can be shown in this way. For example, a cricket team could be 3.00 which means a ₹100 bet would create a total return of ₹300 (₹200 profit plus ₹100 stake).

Dismissal Method

You can often bet on how a batter will be dismissed. This betting market might allow you to choose from a wide range of options or simply bet on “caught” or “not caught”.

Draw No Bet

When betting on a Test Match winner, there’s sometimes the option to bet on this market. It means that you have the insurance of money back if the game is a draw.

Each-Way Bet

Sometimes available for the outright markets, an each-way cricket bet means you can bet on the winner of a tournament and get paid out if the team finishes runner-up instead.


When it comes to every betting market, there is a selection that is trading at the shortest odds and that automatically gets referred to as the favourite.

Fractional Odds

The way in which betting odds can be displayed. For example, a cricket team could be 2/1 which means a ₹100 bet would make a profit of ₹200.

Handicap Betting

You can often find cricket handicap betting markets, especially for One Day International games. It allows you to back a short-priced favourite to win by a certain margin or alternatively the outsider to outperform their match odds.

In-Play Betting

In-Play betting markets are available when a cricket match has started. This applies to all formats of the game and the bookmakers will change their odds according to the current score and the probability of each outcome happening.

Indian Premier League

The leading Twenty20 competition in India, with ten franchises competing every year in the IPL and there are some major stars who compete for each team.

Live Streaming

Some cricket betting sites provide customers with the chance to enjoy cricket live streaming. It’s usually the case that you will need a registered account and sometimes need to make a deposit.

Match Winner 2-Way

The most popular cricket betting market is Match Winner. A 2-way market is simply choosing one of the two teams to win. This bet is widely available when it comes to Twenty20 and One Day International cricket.

Match Winner 3-Way

Those betting customers looking to bet on Test Match cricket often enjoy the Match Winner 3-Way betting market. You can choose between the home team, the away team or the draw.

Method of Dismissal

When betting on a cricket match, you can choose a method of the next dismissal. This tends to be a six-way market, with Caught, LBW, Bowled, Run Out, Stumped the chief options.


Every betting selection is available at certain odds. This implies the probability of the selection winning and will also be your potential winnings when the odds are multiplied by your stake.


An ODI is also known as a One Day International match and this is where two teams compete over fifty overs for each innings. The match is completed within the space of a day.

Outright Betting

Betting on an outright cricket market means you can wager on a team to win a particular tournament. This is also known as an antepost market.

Over Total Runs

It’s often the case that you can bet on the number of runs that are scored in any particular over. This tends to be a two-way market where you might bet Over or Under a certain number of runs such as 3.5.


The stake is the amount of money that you place on a particular betting selection.

The Ashes

This is a Test Match series that takes place between England and Australia every two years. It’s a fierce cricketing rivalry and there are five Test Matches that make up each series.

Top Batter

Bet on a certain player to score the most runs for their team. This usually relates to the 1st innings in a Test Match, while you can also bet on Top Batter when it comes to ODI, The Hundred and Twenty20.

Top Bowler

There are many cricket matches where you can bet on Top Bowler and this usually relates to the bowler who is going to take the biggest number of wickets for their team. This refers to a specific innings.


Twenty20 is also known as T20 and it’s a specific format of a cricket match. Each team will face twenty overs in the match and it’s the side who scores the most runs in a game.


If there are two teams playing each other, then the side trading at the biggest cricket betting odds is regarded as the underdog.

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