Responsible Gambling

How to Gamble Responsibly

It’s our aim to ensure that you enjoy a safe, seamless and rewarding wagering experience online, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure that our partners adhere to a stringent responsible gambling policy.

We’ve also created our own responsible gambling policy, which should help you to make sensible and informed decisions and deal directly with any issues that you may experience online. Here’s a breakdown for your review:

1. Self-Exclusion

The term ‘self-exclusion’ refers to the process of asking operators for practical help when looking to stop gambling. Typically synonymous with problem gambling, this has been designed so that players can close accounts where necessary and request support to prevent the distribution of promotional offers and marketing material.

As a customer, you can have your account close for a period of between six months and five years on average, and at the end of your exclusion period you should be contacted directly by the operator to determine whether or not you want to resume wagering.

2. Taking Time Out

Even if you feel in control of your gambling, there may be occasions where you want to minimise your activity and take a break from specific sites.

Regardless of your reasons for doing this, you can request a time-out period of up to six weeks with specified operators, during which time you’ll have no access to your account or any branded marketing offers.

At the end of this period, you can either choose to re-open your account or enter into a longer-term period of self-exclusion.

3. Setting Limits

A responsible operator should also allow you to set responsible gambling limits, particularly relating to deposits.
This will enable you to restrict the amount that you deposit into your account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, initially when registering for a new account with your chosen operator.

You also retain the right to reduce or alter your deposit limits at any time, and you can normally achieve this by clicking through to your account settings. Please note that deposit limits should also be set to your whole account, rather than specific payment methods.

4. Time Tracking

On a similar note, it’s increasingly important that you keep track of the amount of time that you spend gambling in the digital age.

While some operators enable you to track this data, we’d recommend that you manage your own activity where possible and take steps to wager in a responsible manner at all times.

Good bankroll management can help with this, as wagering with a fixed amount of money and not exceeding this should minimise the amount of time spent online.

5. Reality Checks

As with deposit limits, Reality Checks provide the opportunity for you to manage your activity and set time-lapse reminders showing precisely how long you’ve been playing specific casino games.

This feature is now being deployed by a number of different operators, while reminders will appear after a predetermined period of time (set by you). To remove these reminders, you’ll need to take positive action, either in terms of logging off are actively changing your settings.

Once again, you can change your Reality Check settings at any time through your account settings, while you may find a variety of time periods to choose from depending on the operator that you choose to wager through.

6. Withdrawals

While most operators offer customers the opportunity to cancel withdrawals, a growing number of our partners are also allowing players to opt out of this measure if they so desire.

In this instance, you can contact the operator directly (usually through live chat or email) and ask them to deactivate the ‘cancel withdrawal’ feature on your account.

You can also remove the block in the future through the same channels, of course, and this is a decision that’s personal to each individual player. In general terms, we’d recommend keeping this feature in place, particularly if you’ve ever shown signs of problem gambling or behaviour.

We hope that this section was helpful, but if you have any further queries at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or contact a specific operator directly.

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