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We All Like Cookies – Here’s Why They’re Important

We’ve already referenced cookies in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Usage, as these are essentially small pieces of data sent from one website and subsequently stored on a device and web browser.

In this text, we’ll explore cookies further while asking why they’re important and why you should care when gambling online.

Why and How are Cookies Used?

The legal and responsible use of cookies is laid out clearly in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679. In our case, we utilise cookies to pertain specific information about your device, such as its IP address, device type, geo-location data and browser information.

Cookies allow us and our operators to optimise your online gambling experience by increasing functionality and responsiveness depending on the precise device type that you’re using.

Using cookies also enables us to automatically change the language of the website depending on the location in which your device is located, although in the case of some operators this will be restricted by availability and the regions in which they’re active.

The Importance of Cookies

While some perceive cookies to be invasive, there are strict rules and guidelines in terms of their usage and the data that they enable websites to accrue.

At the same time, cookies are completely harmless and don’t contain any viruses or malware, meaning that they won’t harm your device at all.

While you retain the right as a user to disable cookies and not accept those shared with specific websites, you should not that doing this may impact negatively on your experience and restrict access to certain features.

These include useful features such as personalisation, along with the ‘keep me signed in’ and ‘remember me’ functions. However, the choice is yours, and we’d recommend that you check each individual site’s cookie policy before making your decision.

How to Disable Cookies in Your Browser

When you continue onto a site, it’s generally accepted that you’re agreeing to the owner’s use of cookies. This means that you’ll have to adjust your browser settings to disable all cookies, with this process varying across Chrome and Safari. Here’s a brief guide on how to disable cookies across all (or a select few) sites:

1. Google Chrome

• Open Chrome on your website
• In the top right-hand corner, click ‘More’ then ‘Settings’
• Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Advanced’
• Under the ‘Privacy and Security’ tab, click through ‘site settings’
• Click ‘Cookies’
• From here, click ‘Turn off cookies’ to block interaction with all sites
• Note that you can adjust your settings to block cookies from certain sites through the same advanced settings function
• Click ‘Save Changes’ and return to the browser screen

2. Safari

• Load the Safari browser in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click ‘Preferences’
• Click the ‘Privacy’ tab
• Select the ‘Block Cookies’ icon next to the ‘Always’ tab for accepting cookies
• To tailor your preferences for different sites, click through the ‘Details’ button in ‘Preferences’ and follow the instructions
• Click ‘Save Changes’ and return to the browser screen

In both browsers, you can also clear cookies and other site settings from your history.

Located under ‘Settings’ and ‘Preferences’ for Chrome and Safari respectively, you can simply select the relevant options and remove all previously stored cookies from a particular device. This will also sign you out of most sites and removed any stored passwords, so it’s worth keeping this in mind before processing.

Please ensure sure you check out the Cookie Policy of each of our listed operators before you start sharing your personal data.

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