Crypto Betting Sites

Listed below are the betting sites that accept Crypto as a form of currency. In most cases this is for both deposits and withdrawals, but keep in mind payment processing can vary across each platform and additional fees may be incurred for crypto payments.

Each site is listed with our review score, review page and a direct link to a new player sign-up offer should you wish to join that brand now. Click the Claim Now button, deposit the minimum amount and earn your bonus.

Best crypto & bitcoin betting sites

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Crypto cricket betting

Crypto sports betting and what to expect

Cryptocurrency is a modern form of payment, with this being an internet-based form of exchange. There is something called blockchain technology in place which enables cryptocurrency, with cryptographical functions being used to conduct financial transactions. Some have described it as a person-to-person electronic money interchange and it’s a new approach compared to old money.

Bookies are starting to add crypto

Although it sounds complicated, a growing number of customers are looking to place cricket bets using a cryptocurrency bookmaker. Many Indian-facing betting sites accept different forms of crypto and Bitcoin is generally the most popular option, although there are always new type of crypto that are being introduced.

Cryptocurrency betting.

Only select currencies so far

Crypto as a payment type works well with a betting site providing that provision has been made to accept the various forms of cryptocurrency. Aside from Bitcoin, you can also expect to use Ethereum and Tether when it comes to your betting account and all transactions are anonymous.

It’s anonymous but unregulated

Indeed, the biggest advantage for many customers is that they don’t have to submit their personal details or any banking information in order to make a deposit or withdrawal. However, it needs to be noted that all cryptocurrency is not part of a regulated or centralized market.

Expect larger deposit requirements

Therefore, there is an obvious element of risk attached when it comes to using cryptocurrency betting sites, irrespective of the crypto you are using. There might also be a higher minimum deposit amount and the value of your crypto can obviously change in a heartbeat which means that you should have some expertise before you use it.

Crypto Cricket Betting

  1. Make sure you have a private funded crytpo wallet or account
  2. Head to the bookies banking section
  3. Select deposit as normal
  4. Change you deposit from the banking type to crypto
  5. Select the cryptocurrency you have funds for
  6. Follow the bookies crypto deposit prompts until complete

You need an account or wallet

The first port of call is to ensure that you have enough crypto in an account to make a deposit into your Indian betting site account. Therefore, check out the minimum deposit amount before you go ahead and make a transaction. You also need to be a registered customer with a bookie.

Head to the banking section

You can then head to the payment section and choose the cryptocurrency option. You need to have the money in a cryptocurrency wallet such as Coinbase, with customers then being able to head to the “Deposit” section of their betting account. Select your preferred cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin from the dropdown menu that is featured.

Pick your preferred crypto currency

Once you have selected the specific cryptocurrency, you will then see the address where you need to send the payment. You can then go into your crypto wallet and process the payment and everything should work in synchronisation. In a short space of time, you should see a balance to reflect the deposit that you have just made.

Anonymous and Secure

One of the big advantages to making a crypto betting deposit is that this is done anonymously and leads to a more secure experience, while a good bookmaker should also have no payment charges or deposit fees. There should be a good structure in place to make sure that the transaction can take place and we can highlight the leading crypto betting sites.

Betting Withdrawals Through Crypto

Crypto is fast

One of the key advantages to betting with cryptocurrency is the fact that you can make speedy payments and that not only includes making deposits but also withdrawals. Being able to quickly return your funds after winning on a bet is a big plus and a good crypto betting site will be able to process the money quickly.

crypto withdrawal

Withdraw as easy as you deposit

As with any other form of withdrawal, you might need to initially submit some form of identification or verification before a bookmaker will make the transaction. However, the act of making a withdrawal should be a fairly speedy one. It’s a case of heading to the “Bank” or “Cashier” section of the site and then tapping on “Withdrawal”.

You can select the amount that you want to take out of your betting account and you then have to confirm that the destination Bitcoin wallet is yours before proceeding with a withdrawal. For example, you can direct your funds to your Coinbase account and you can also choose to redirect this to your blockchain wallet.

The Best Crypto Betting Sites in India

10Cric Crypto Betting

10Cric are one of the Indian betting sites that accept crypto as a form of payment. At present, they allow customers to make a deposit using Bitcoin. In order to make a payment using crypto, you need to have a registered 10Cric betting account and you are then able to hit the “Deposit” button and choose Bitcoin from the available payment options.

Once this has been done, you can then go ahead and select the amount that you would like to deposit into your betting account. Once submitted, you will then see a Payment Information screen which outlines the Order ID, Requested Amount, Send to Address, Confirm Funds and Payment ID.

Welcome Bonus
Up To ₹15,000
Get a 100% Bonus


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10CRIC Bitcoin Betting

10Cric offer a wide range of payment options including bitcoin. When you are signed in to your betting account, you need to choose the 10coins option and then you can nominate the amount to deposit along with the wallet currency from the dropdown. Here you should choose BTC.

The account currency INR is not supported directly by the payment method, which means that the transaction is converted to USD. There is a QR code which we recommend scanning or alternatively you can specifically send to a wallet address. This is a one-time payment which shouldn’t be re-used.

Dafabet Crypto Betting

Dafabet are a reputable operator who are well-known betting brand across the world. They are a bookmaker that are open for business in India and they allow customers to make a deposit using Bitcoin along with a range of other cryptocurrencies.

You can choose from options such as Tether, Ethereum and Terracoin, with a different deposit amount set in place for each crypto. Bitcoin has a minimum limit of 1,500.00, while the others start from as little as 300.00 and there are several different ways to make a transaction.

It should be nice and simple to make a deposit using any of the above crypto. You need to tap on deposit and then choose from the crypto option where you want to transfer funds.

Dafabet Bitcoin Betting

Welcome Bonus
Up To ₹16,000
Register with Dafabet. Deposit minimum amount of INR 1,000 and earn 170% Sign Up Bonus up to INR 16,000

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18+ New Customers Only - Additional Bonus Terms & Conditions May Apply

When you head to the deposit section, you can select from a range of options and that includes bitcoin which is “powered by opennode”. The minimum deposit amount using this method is 1,500 INR and the maximum is 350,000.00.

You can choose between two different transfer types. Namely Lightning where you can transfer using Lightning Network Wallet and On-Chain which facilitates a transfer using a Standard Bitcoin Wallet. For the latter, you are given a QR code which is valid for 60 minutes.

22Bet Crypto Betting

22Bet provide a wide range of payment methods (over 200 to be exact) and it’s no surprise that some of these are cryptocurrency-related. The most prominent crypto payment option is Bitcoin and you have the choice to not only make a deposit by going down this route but also making a withdrawal.

Overall, 22Bet claim to provide customers with the chance to choose from over 25 cryptocurrencies, with customers visiting the deposit section and they are able to choose from the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • NEM
  • Verge
  • Ripple

You tap on the crypto option that makes the most appeal and it will show you how much of your crypto is worth in relation to the Indian rupee. You can scan a QR code and there is a minimum deposit depending on which route you take.

Welcome Bonus
Up To ₹10,000
100% deposit match up to the value of ₹10,000

T&Cs Apply

18+ New Customers Only - Additional Bonus Terms & Conditions May Apply

22Bet Bitcoin Betting

22Bet use a similar payment process to several other Indian betting sites in order to facilitate Bitcoin transactions. You are able to choose bitcoin from the wide range of deposit options and there is also the option to choose from Bitcoin gold, Bitcoin cash and Wrapped Bitcoin on Tron.

Unlike making an e-wallet payment, you need to either scan a QR code or copy an address and you can then arrange a transaction. Once this has been confirmed, then you can go ahead to place bets. The minimum deposit amount is 0.03 mBT.

Melbet Crypto Betting

When you sign up with Melbet, you can take advantage of a wide range of crypto payment options and you can also claim a generous welcome bonus. There is a deposit bonus up to 20,000 Indian rupees and this is available through your first payment being matched with a free bet to the same stake.

Welcome Bonus
₹20,000 Sign Up Bet
Deposit minimum of I₹75. Get 100% bonus up to I₹20,000

T&Cs Apply

18+ New Customers Only - Additional Bonus Terms & Conditions May Apply

This deposit bonus is available when you choose crypto as a payment option. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin are the three most popular methods, although there are some other alternatives such as Tether, Ethereum and Shiba.

There is also crypto that relates to some of the leading soccer teams including Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and AS Roma. Once you have chosen your deposit option, you are then given an address where you need to send your crypto funds.

1xBet Crypto Betting

The good news is that 1xBet don’t just allow customers to make a deposit using a variety of cryptocurrency, they also allow players to fund their accounts using a low minimum amount. BTC, ETH and USDT are some of the more common options and you are able to fund your account from as little as 50.00 RUB.

There is also the opportunity to make a withdrawal using crypto and the limits tend to be double the deposit limit, with no service charges being applied although it takes around fifteen minutes for the transaction to be made.

You are able to claim the opening bonus when you sign up with 1xBet and you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to 20,000 INR you can start from as little as 75 INR.

Welcome Bonus
₹20,000 Sign Up Bet
Get 100% Welcome bonus on the 1st deposit up to ₹20,000

T&Cs Apply

18+ New Customers Only - Additional Bonus Terms & Conditions May Apply

1xBet Bitcoin Betting

Once you have signed up for a 1xBet account, then you head to the Deposit section and choose Bitcoin from the wide range of payment options. You will receive a notification window that specifies you should only send BTC to the address stated.

This bookmaker will also make clear what 1 mBT is equal to when it comes to Indian rupees and you can either copy an address or scan a QR code. The minimum deposit is 0.03 mBT and you are then able to go ahead with the transaction which needs to be confirmed by the blockchain.

Other bitcoin betting sites: 4raBet

Welcome Bonus
₹60,000 Bonus
Get 600% bonus up to I₹60,000

T&Cs Apply

18+ New Customers Only - Additional Bonus Terms & Conditions May Apply

This is an Indian betting site that offers new customers the chance to land a 200% deposit bonus and you can claim up to 20,000 INR with this welcome offer. There is also the chance to deposit with bitcoin and it’s a two-step process in terms of ensuring that the funds reach your betting account.

You are firstly presented with a QR code and there is an address that you have to copy in order to send the funds to. The min deposit is 0.0002 BTC, with the funds sent being converted to INR after the transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain and credited to your balance automatically.

Bitcoin Betting

Bitcoin Betting: Most popular cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency, with many people all over the world making an investment in BTC or alternatively speculating on the value of Bitcoin over a period of time. Like other cryptocurrencies, this is an unregulated currency and the lack of centralisation means that the value can be volatile, with the prices going up and down on a frequent basis.

Bitcoin Betting: You need a wallet

There is no exchange rate when it comes to Bitcoin and there are a number of different external factors which govern how much it happens to be worth at any given time. Should you choose to acquire Bitcoin, it’s often the case that you will need to have an online wallet in order to keep it.

Bitcoin Betting: Ledger recorded

This is essentially one of many digital currencies that now exist and the best way to consider this is that it’s a person-to-person Bitcoin network where there are no brokers or intermediaries required in order to complete a transaction. There is a public ledger which records all transactions and copies are then held on various servers in the world.

How To Deposit With Bitcoin

Deposit With Bitcoin: Use a trusted account/wallet

Many consumers will use a website such as Coinbase in order to create an online wallet where they are able to house Bitcoin. You can also access this when it comes to visiting a crypto betting site and making a deposit, with the operator needing you to link to the wallet in order for the transaction to be completed smoothly.

Deposit With Bitcoin: Not all bookies use crypto

You naturally need to identify the betting sites that are prepared to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. It’s not always the case that a bookmaker will be willing to have crypto payment options, with the UK-licensed bookmakers not in a position to provide this option due to the regulation in place.

Deposit With Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the most commonly traded

However, if a bookmaker is willing to accept cryptocurrency as a payment, then Bitcoin is likely to be included and it’s a simple case of making a deposit in a fairly standard way. Once you have registered a new betting account, you can choose crypto as a form of payment and then decide how much you want to deposit into your account.

Deposit With Bitcoin: Crypto often requires a higher minimum

Bear in mind that there might be a minimum deposit amount required, with some operators also needing to see some proof of identification before you go ahead and make the deposit. You also need to be able to link from your betting account to your online wallet where the cryptocurrency is stored so that your Bitcoin deposit can go ahead.

Betting Withdrawals Through Bitcoin

Withdrawals Through Bitcoin: Crypto withdrawals are faster than cash

It is a truth commonly acknowledged that betting transactions using Bitcoin tend to be speedier than you will find with other payment methods. This is an anonymous way of submitting money into your account and then withdrawing it back, although there are only selected bookmakers that are offering this payment method right now and many licensing territories are not prepared to consider a unregulated currency.

Withdrawals Through Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the slowest crypto

Bitcoin deposits tend to take no more than five minutes in order for funds to be placed into a betting account. As far as Bitcoin withdrawals are concerned, they might take a little longer although the majority of customers find them a whole lot quicker than submitting a withdrawal request through bank card and waiting for the whole transaction to be completed.

If a bookmaker is trying to stand out to Indian customers by virtue of having Bitcoin as a deposit or withdrawal method, then it stands to reason that they will want to process the withdrawals in super quick time. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be asked for identification or to verify your betting account before the process is made.

IPL Betting Sites

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10CRIC Welcome Offer

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Megapari Welcome Offer

100% Bonus up to ₹17,000

Bettilt Welcome Offer

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BetWinner Welcome Offer

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22Bet Welcome Offer

₹10,000 Bonus

Melbet Welcome Offer

100% Bonus up to ₹20,000

4raBet Welcome Offer

600% Bonus up to ₹60,000

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