How to Cash Out Your Cricket Bets

When it comes to Indian customers betting on cricket and other sports, there are a huge number of tournaments, matches and markets available. It’s great to have so much choice and the same thing applies when it comes to potentially cashing out your bet before it has been settled as a winner or a loser.

Cash Out has become increasingly popular in recent times, with the leading Indian cricket betting sites providing customers with the chance to close out some or all of their bet before the market has been settled. It’s fantastic to have this as a flexible option and it means that you can often make a profit or cut your losses after your original bet.

It’s often the case that any of the cricket cash out betting markets are denoted so that you can identify the bets and selections where you are going to get a cash out value. This cricket cash out betting offer is available straight after you have placed the bet, with customers able to decide whether the cash out is worth taking.

How Can You Cash Out a Cricket Bet?

Let’s use an example of how a cricket fan might cash out their bet.

Imagine India are playing England in a Test Match and they are trading at 2/1 (3.0) to win this particular match.

You might stake ₹2,000 on India at these odds. This would mean you would get an overall return of ₹6,000 if India managed to beat England in the Test Match (₹4,000 profit plus your ₹2,000 back).

However, it might be that India are doing really well in the Test Match and their chances of victory have increased after Day 1. That means their odds have shortened and you might have a Cash Out value of ₹4,000.

As an Indian cricket betting customer, you are now faced with a choice. You can potentially make a ₹2,000 profit on your original bet by cashing out for ₹4,000 or alternatively stay in the bet and hope that you end up landing a much larger return of ₹6,000 by winning with your original bet.

If you choose the Cash Out option, it’s simply a case of tapping on Cash Out and then confirming that you want to take this amount. If you decide against cashing out, then you simply disregard the offer and continue as per normal.

How To Partial Cash Out a Cricket Bet

There’s sometimes a middle ground when it comes to your online cricket bets. You might place an online cricket bet such as the above and then get the opportunity to execute partial cash out.

Partial cash out is a great option if you want to take some of the money out of your bet and it’s often a case of using the slider functionality in order to take a certain amount. It might be that you want to achieve a slight profit and leave some money in the bet.

Alternatively, there is sometimes the option to cut your losses and take some money back while hoping that your original selection ends up winning.

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